Sep 2023

How Can You Benefit From Take-Back Solutions From an Economic as Well as a Sustainability Perspective and How Do They Work?

On 22 , Sep 2023 | In | By Alisa Maier

Register today for our upcoming webinar "Take-Back Solutions".

With the leading question "How can you benefit from take-back solutions from an economic as well as a sustainability perspective and how do they work?" - our speakers will guide us through the process of returning end-of-life products and recovering raw materials, which can help address the challenges of reverse logistics.

15 November 2023 | 2:00 pm (CET) | German

The webinar will provide you with the following important key learnings:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of reverse logistics processes.

  • Get an overview of the possibilities of a take-back program in terms of recycling and raw material recovery.
  • Understand the positioning of take-back solutions within the circular economy.

Speaker: Justin Mössner, Sales and Account Manager, 1cc GmbH
Moderator: Nico Mezger, Environmental Consultant, 1cc GmbH


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